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Nina Watkins recommends Ally Law Group – 5⭐

Brandon helped me with my case and I am so thankful for him. When he knows he can go above and beyond for you he will do so! Thank you so much dude! I appreciate you!

Mark D recommends Ally Law Group – 5⭐

Ally Law Group provided the most professional representation I’ve had from a law firm. Attorney Brandon Yousif was knowledgeable, caring and understanding. He made the whole process stress free and easy. I would definitely recommend them to my friends and family!

Chanel R recommends Ally Law Group – 5⭐

Very experienced and trustworthy. Took care of everything I needed. Was super responsive and is always there for you. Highly recommend!

Dulce Torres recommends Ally Law Group – 5⭐

I cannot stress enough how wonderful my attorney Brandon Yousif is! For the first time in my life, I got to visit my elderly, ill grandfather and family in Mexico after he helped me get Advance Parole through my DACA status. Brandon made the process a breeze for me! He was very informative and helpful from the moment we began gathering documents to the day I received the parole document from USCIS. He gave me a clear and specific list of documents to gather and I was never in doubt nor confused. Brandon filed everything for me in May and I was granted Advance Parole in August. It took 3 months and 10 days to be exact. Although every case is different in timing with USCIS, I feel it was definitely thanks to Brandon that my case only took that short time. I feel so lucky and blessed to have Brandon & The Ally Law Group to guide me in the next steps to be able to obtain a green card & for any legal matters in fact! Brandon is honest, down to earth, and most importantly reliable! Brandon you have changed my life and I cannot thank you enough for that! You have a lifelong, loyal client now! Thank you for being sincere and trustworthy. God Bless you and your team!

Sw33tangel0788 recommends Ally Law Group – 5⭐

Brandon was helpful with everything in my husband case. He immediately told us from the start that his case will be successful. He helped us with all the paperwork we need to submit and was there in every step of the way till we successfully received the interview date and told us what was needed for him to be successful for the interview! My husband was approved! High recommended!

Juana Zambrano recommends Ally Law Group – 5⭐

When it comes down to needing help regarding immigration status, to filing for yourself or a loved one, BRANDON is thee BEST he’s very informative about what exactly you need & always available to answer ANY question/s you might have. Thank you, BRANDON, for everything. FYI, he can also help with Car Accident cases, and also employment cases where you sue your employer. So if you are (God forbid) ever in a car accident and get hurt call HIM Or if your employer discriminates, doesn’t pay you properly, fires you, etc. HE DOES IT ALL!!

Edward Rayes recommends Ally Law Group – 5⭐

I found them on Facebook and loved the videos that Brandon posts, so I told one of my close friends about them and we scheduled a consultation. The consultation was free and he seemed very knowledgeable in Immigration law. He made my friend feel like there was hope in his case when he thought there was nothing else that could be done. My friend decided to sign up with them and Brandon got him his green card!!! His case was very difficult because a different attorney messed it up. Brandon is an honest, humble, and caring attorney which is hard to come by. I recommend Ally Law Group!

Marbella Eriza recommends Ally Law Group – 5⭐

One of the very little lawyers who respond quickly and honestly … thank you 

Sonia Miranda recommends Ally Law Group – 5⭐

Extremely helpful and answered my concerns quickly. Took the time to explain and advise. Would highly recommend. Enjoy watching Q&A’s on Facebook Live.

Judy Alcala recommends Ally Law Group – 5⭐

My personal experience with Brandon, who was the Attorney that represented me in my case, was exceptional! He was very knowledgeable and most importantly a very honest person. He always made time to answer any questions I had during the process, kept me informed and was well prepared at every single hearing we had. Because of his hard work, knowledge and dedication we were able to accomplish my permanent adjustment of status which was not an easy one. I definitely recommend him and his Team. I know It’s difficult to chose an Immigration Attorney as there are so many out there, but I feel so Blessed to have found Brandon to Represent me and I am forever grateful. He has a true passion for what he does for people and his work shows for it. I would highly recommend him.

Elias C Perez reviewed Ally Law Group— 5⭐

Great guy, really friendly and patient. He was very informative and helps you understand the situation. Very appreciative of Brandon for taking time out of his busy schedule to me with me. Thanks Brandon!

Andrey Makhadov recommends Ally Law Group – 5⭐

I hired Ally Law Group to help me with my immigration process and I am proud to say I am an American Citizen now! Brandon flew out to my state to help me and he was worth it! He made sure everything was taken care of and he made the interview feel so easy. The officer was laughing and having a good time. He definitely knows how to keep his clients calm. I was nervous about the tests and questions in the interview but he helped me so much. He made it so easy for me! Definitely recommend him for anyone looking for an amazing immigration attorney.

Sawsan Rasheed reviewed Ally Law Group — 5⭐

One of the very little lawyers who respond quickly and honestly … thank you

Flor Gibanz recommends Ally Law Group – 5⭐

very kind person. helpful and with full knowledge

Hamada Ebedo reviewed Ally Law Group — 5⭐

They are the most amazing office of Inmigration attorneys very good services and profesionales

Shehan Fernando recommends Ally Law Group – 5⭐

I was waiting for many years to hear back from USCIS regarding my I485 Green Card application interview, but I could not get them to set a date for my interview. Brandon helped me get an interview date and did amazing in the interview to help me! Thank you Brandon for your help. I truly recommend him to everyone

Brenda Murillo reviewed Ally Law Group — 5⭐

Brandon is such a good lawyer ,honest, humble, and trustworthy. He makes you feel like his friend not just another client.

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Veronica Inurriaga recommends Ally Law Group – 5⭐

Hola mi gente quiero decirles que si ustedes necisitan el mejor servicio en san diego llamen a esta grupo de ally.
son unas personas muy atentas , y cordiales, muy profesionales..en espcial el cabesera del equipo, el lo que cre usted que es un caso perdido el le encuentra solucion…tiene un Corazon muy humilde y hermoso, asi que usted tiene cualquier pregunta o duda acerca de las nuevas leyes que estan cambiando tanto, o un caso de emigracion deles un llamadita!! lo antenderan con mucho los recomiendo de todo corazon… Son los #1 en mi agenda.. gracias ally law x existir!!

Kevin reviewed Ally Law Group — 5⭐

Excelente abogado sin duda un experto en el tema y muy buena atencion!

Alma Cris Diaz recommends Ally Law Group – 5⭐

Ally Law Group thanks for you’re help and resolving our questions regarding my husbands immigration status thank you so much for you’re patience and for your truthfulness may God continue to bless you!! We definetely Recommend Ally Law Group thanks alot for Ur help and support

Muhammed Yildirim reviewed Ally Law Group — 5⭐

Gina Burnett reviewed Ally Law Group — 5⭐

Ricardo Valencia reviewed Ally Law Group — 5⭐