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Victims of Criminal Activity: U Nonimmigrant Status

Becoming the victim of a crime is a traumatic and emotional situation. It is even more so for many people who reside in the United States illegally or who are living on an expired nonimmigrant visa. In these cases, victims often avoid filing charges against the perpetrator because they are afraid of being prosecuted for immigration violations.

This fear is not acceptable. Victims of crime in the United States deserve the opportunity to pursue justice. At Attorney Eric Price, our immigration attorneys know how important justice and protection is. We help clients throughout California with U-visas, which allow immigrants to remain in the U.S. legally while prosecutors investigate and prosecute the crimes against them.

Understanding U-Visas

The U-visa, and U nonimmigrant status, were created in 2000 under the Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act. The law was designed to help victims of crimes remain in the U.S. legally during the prosecution of their case. In order to qualify for a U-visa, the victim must certain requirements:

  1. They must be able to show substantial physical or mental abuse;
  2. They must be the victim of a qualifying crime (not exhaustive):
  3. Kidnapping or abduction
  4. False imprisonment
  5. Domestic violence
  6. Sexual assault Prostitution
  7. Human trafficking
  8. Felony assault
  9. Labor fraud
  10. The crime must be a violation of American laws;
  11. The victim must have information about the crime that could contribute to criminal prosecution;
  12. The victim must have reached out to law enforcement and must be willing to cooperate in a prosecution

Once approved for a U-visa, the victim can live and work in the U.S. The initial term is four years, but it can be extended. After three years, the individual can also apply for a Green Card.

Get Help with Obtaining a U-Visa

The process of obtaining a U-visa can take some time. During this time, it is natural that victims feel afraid and unsure. That’s why Attorney Eric Price is here. We focus on immigration matters, including U-visas. We know how to help you complete the application and secure the best and swiftest outcome.

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